Sunday, 31 August 2014

Medieval Fancy Dress Party

Medieval Fancy Dress Party

My daughter had her 21st birthday this week and to 
celebrate she had a Medieval themed fancy dress party.

Our family are huge Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings fans 
so this party was something we were all excited about.  

I scoured op shops, looking for all things medieval and had some great finds.

For my dress I used Simplicity 9891
I found a Mason and Logan Quilt cover at the op-shop, which I used for the main part of the dress.
The center panel and neck piece was a beautiful table runner, again from the op-shop.
My necklace was an op-shop find too.
Grand total for my outfit was $18

My son's cloak was made from 2 vintage bedspreads, found at the op-shop. 
The fur for the collar was purchased from Spotlight. 
I made the collar removable so the cloak could be easily washed.
The tunic was made from a sheet and the gold edging was taken off a table runner. 
I found these items at the op-shop and used Simplicity 1582 for the pattern.

My husband's vest was made using a quilt cover found at the op-shop. I used Butterick 4574
He wore the same white shirt that he wore for our wedding almost 20 years ago. 
Both belts were a great score from the op-shop, $1 each.
Total cost for both outfits was less than $30 

My son is wearing a vest I made using the Woolen Vest pattern from Little Kiwis Closet.
I extended the length and used fabric from my stash.
The pants are based off the Ben & Mia pattern from Lily Bird Studio.
I narrowed the leg and added the cuff. The fabric was left over from my dress.
I found his Italian made leather boots that are lined in wool at the op-shop.
These were a great find as they were brand new!
Total cost $4 (for the boots)

My youngest daughters dress was made using upholstery/furnishing fabric I found at Spotlight.
I used McCall's 5499 It was slightly too big for her as the sizing is 3-4 and she is in a 3.
The slightly stiffer fabric works well for this dress as it holds it's shape well.
Total cost $12

My next daughter is wearing a dress made from an op-shop quilt cover 
and some of my super special lace fabric. The trim is also from my stash.
I used this tutorial and combined it with Simplicity 2306
Total cost $6

I also made my son-in-law his outfit which I have not got any clear pictures of.

And finally I made this cape for my other daughter.
This turned out quite beautiful and was made from a quilt cover.
It's a pity I didn't get any good pictures of it though.

It was a fabulous night and I thoroughly enjoyed sewing with a mission.
I shall leave you with some of my favourite photos of the evening. 



  1. Sherry, you are amazing sewing up all these costumes mainly with Op Shop finds!!! Looks like a fun party.

  2. Hi Sherry, I've featured your medieval costumes today. Your blog is also the featured blog.

    1. Thanks so much Pam. I just love your blog and it is the first place I go to share my work :)

  3. Das Kleid schaut wunderschön aus...und ich habe mich sehr an den Lieblingsfotos des mittelalterlichen Abends erfreut.

    Greetings from Germany,

  4. Simply amazing! So much work, but boy do these outfits look great!