Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Anna's Coronation Dress

Anna's Coronation Dress

My little one had been waiting her turn 
for me to sew her up an Anna costume.
She told me she wanted the Coronation dress,
and that is what she got.

This is the dress as it looked before I got the transfer on the front.

Firstly I sketched a dress, inspired by many dresses I found on Pinterest.

I had chosen some fabric that wasn't exactly like that of Anna's dress, 
but had the same tones. I think it really works.

It was a bit of a mission to work out 
the maths for the skirt but I ended up using 
10 patterned panels at 3 inch wide x desired length
20 light green panels at 1.5 inch wide x desired length
10 dark green panels at 1 inch wide x desired length.

I had originally thought to use the bodice of the 
Eden dress, the sleeves of the Simply Sweet top 
and the waistband of the Glinda dress.

In the end I found a tutorial that was so much easier 
than combining all the other patterns. 
I made the size 6 bodice for my 4 year old. 
I am glad I did because she has a bit of growing room 
and will get much more use from it.

I tried a few different options for the pattern on the front bodice
but I am so happy with my final decision.
It is done with a vinyl heat transfer. 
It is permanent and doesn't crack or fade. 
And best of all, a neighbour 2 doors away does it so I am sure 
I will be using her services again very soon :)

Needless to say, I have a very happy little girl x


  1. Wow! Your Anna-Dress is really beautiful! The Details are very nice. And your daughter is so sweet!
    My daughter got in this year her Elsa costume from me. If they want to have a Anna-Costume, I would sew just like you.
    Warm greetings from Germany

  2. i can see why you have a very happy girl! Bravo!

  3. No wonder she's happy, Sherry. Turned out great!

  4. Cute dress! I like the fabric panels for the skirt. Great idea!