Monday, 12 January 2015

A Frozen Inspired Elsa Dress

A Frozen Inspired Elsa Dress

After posting about the Snow White dress here
I had a couple of people ask for an Elsa dress.

I searched through Pinterest and noticed that if the colour was right 
and it had a few snowflakes on it, it would make a perfect Frozen dress :)

I think that these dresses have a cartoon quality to them rather than an authentic look, 
which actually had me questioning if they were suitable to be labelled as an Elsa dress.

I think the cape made the whole thing come together.
I used this tutorial for it. It was Very easy :)

I really enjoy making costumes. The fear of the perfect fit disappears 
and I enjoy the whole process. It makes me happy to be able to 
give my kids joy in dressing up.


  1. Hello, I came here through Sew + Show. I love your Elsa dress and the cape too, they look adorable!

  2. Perfect Elsa dresses, Sherry!!! I can totally relate to why you like making costumes.