Monday, 29 September 2014

A Little Lazy Susan

A Little Lazy Susan

I was looking through some of my pattern books this morning 
trying to decide what I should make next.
I was debating between a little nightie for the summer 
or perhaps a collared blouse.

In the end I decided on a little Lazy Susan from Brownie Goose.

I wanted to make something cute and colourful and 
something that my daughter would love to wear.

You would expect a child to be happy with a new dress, 
but when they are in a bad mood, it doesn't really help :(

After some coaxing and persuading, I managed to get a couple of smiles.

I wanted this dress to have a little extra length 
so I added a couple of coloured bands to the bottom.
I thought the green around the waist works well too.

This was my second attempt at the Lazy Susan and was such a quick sew.

The first one I made I attempted the herringbone bodice.
It worked out perfectly but I think it would have looked 
better using solid colours instead.

I really love this pattern and I am sure to use it many times again :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rainbow Skirt

Rainbow Skirt
Patten: Ava Twirl Skirt

I have been begging my daughter to cut her fringe and she insisted that she did not want it cut. 
I tried to bribe her with a reward of a rainbow skirt and she said YES!

I love the Ava Twirl Skirt by FemiKidsCouture.
I have made it before and it was a favourite of my girl.

It is a very simple pattern, just time consuming 
because of the meters of ruffles it requires.

I added an additional panel to the top of the skirt 
so I was able to get a bigger range of colours into it. 

It really is a perfect skirt for a little girl.

Perfect for twirling.

I am super happy with the simplicity and sweetness of this little skirt.
Next time I might make a pink skirt, using different gradients of pink.
I'll let you know when I'm done :) 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Halter Sun Dress

Halter Sun Dress
Pattern: New Look 6222

I picked this cute pattern up from Spotlight 
when they had a sale on last month.

I thought it would make a comfy and cool summer dress for my girls.

For my 6 year old I used the A version of the dress and included the pockets.


I  think the simple bow at the front adds the perfect touch.

It is a good fit but I did have to tighten the back elastic by about 1.5 inches.
I also sewed through the neck ties at the front bodice to secure them 
and prevent them from pulling through. 

This is one of my favourite fabrics. 
It is the second time I have purchased it. I also have it in blue.

I made the version C dress for my 3 year old and added the peplum to it.
It was a little big around the back too.
I think it might be worth just unpicking the overlocking stitch to fix it. 

This was such a quick pattern to sew and 
I think it will be worn often this summer.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Sports Carnival - Go Green Faction!

Sports Carnival
Pattern: Playgroup Dress by Fresh Stitch Patterns 

My kids had their school sports carnival this Friday.
I love any excuse to make a new dress and this was no exception.
I hunted in my fabric cupboard for anything green,
Although I love the colour I didn't have much to choose from,
so seersucker gingham it was. 

I appliqued a small picture from one of my printed sheets to the center bodice 
and added some tiny blue lace to the seam at the front and back.
Matching hairbows are always a must.

On the back I used 2 blue love heart buttons.

Once I finished the dress I was pleased with the overall result 
but I thought it looked a bit old fashioned, like something out of the 80's.
I changed my mind when I put it on though.


I think it looks really cute on, and my daughter loves it too.

My little girl even had the chance to run in her first race today.
It makes me so happy to see her grow up.

The bigger kids had a great day too.