Saturday, 24 October 2015

Avery Dress

I bought some gorgeous fabric from Spotlight the other day to make my girls a new dress each.
Although I already own A LOT of dress patterns I felt like buying something new.
I have been drawn to the Avery by Mod Kid since it came out, so that is what I decided on. 

I thought that using the floral fabric would have been too much to use for the whole dress
so I used some light weight denim for the collar and the skirt.

I just love the little puff sleeves. 
The pattern also comes with the option for long sleeves 
which will make it ideal for winter use too.

I made a little headband to match this outfit.
I used a pattern from this Japanese Pattern Book.

I found the fit of this dress Spot On!
I was a little worried as you do not choose the size of dress by measurements, 
instead using the size you would buy from the store.

 I would recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a versatile dress that is well designed, 
easy to sew and that is totally adorable! 

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