Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Star Wars Premier

My son pre-ordered his Star Wars tickets months ago 
and he had big plans to go the screening wearing an amazing costume.

Well life got busy and we left it to the last minute to sort his costume out 
so the day before the movie was showing I whipped up his Jedi tunic.

I used Simplicity 5840 and version 'd'
I made the tunic, dickey and the belt.

I really wanted to get the robe done too but I did not even have a chance to get it started.
Luckily it is summer here and he would have been too hot to wear it anyway.

He managed to find some boots (gumboots, not his ideal boots) from the local Big W for $19

 I used calico for the tunic which was so easy to sew with, 
and it worked out super cheap too.

My boy was happy that he had something to wear 
and I heard the movie was pretty good too x

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  1. This is THE way to see the new movie! I sooo want to see it but since my baby is refusing a bottle I will have to wait for 20 years before it comes out on DVD :D