Monday, 29 September 2014

A Little Lazy Susan

A Little Lazy Susan

I was looking through some of my pattern books this morning 
trying to decide what I should make next.
I was debating between a little nightie for the summer 
or perhaps a collared blouse.

In the end I decided on a little Lazy Susan from Brownie Goose.

I wanted to make something cute and colourful and 
something that my daughter would love to wear.

You would expect a child to be happy with a new dress, 
but when they are in a bad mood, it doesn't really help :(

After some coaxing and persuading, I managed to get a couple of smiles.

I wanted this dress to have a little extra length 
so I added a couple of coloured bands to the bottom.
I thought the green around the waist works well too.

This was my second attempt at the Lazy Susan and was such a quick sew.

The first one I made I attempted the herringbone bodice.
It worked out perfectly but I think it would have looked 
better using solid colours instead.

I really love this pattern and I am sure to use it many times again :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Shes getting so big now! Where did our toddlers go?
    What a sweet pattern. Love the cloud fabric too.

    1. I know Cass, time make them grow up too quickly!

  2. Two lovely dresses, Sherry!!! Love the bands on the first.