Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rainbow Skirt

Rainbow Skirt
Patten: Ava Twirl Skirt

I have been begging my daughter to cut her fringe and she insisted that she did not want it cut. 
I tried to bribe her with a reward of a rainbow skirt and she said YES!

I love the Ava Twirl Skirt by FemiKidsCouture.
I have made it before and it was a favourite of my girl.

It is a very simple pattern, just time consuming 
because of the meters of ruffles it requires.

I added an additional panel to the top of the skirt 
so I was able to get a bigger range of colours into it. 

It really is a perfect skirt for a little girl.

Perfect for twirling.

I am super happy with the simplicity and sweetness of this little skirt.
Next time I might make a pink skirt, using different gradients of pink.
I'll let you know when I'm done :) 

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