Friday, 5 September 2014

Sports Carnival - Go Green Faction!

Sports Carnival
Pattern: Playgroup Dress by Fresh Stitch Patterns 

My kids had their school sports carnival this Friday.
I love any excuse to make a new dress and this was no exception.
I hunted in my fabric cupboard for anything green,
Although I love the colour I didn't have much to choose from,
so seersucker gingham it was. 

I appliqued a small picture from one of my printed sheets to the center bodice 
and added some tiny blue lace to the seam at the front and back.
Matching hairbows are always a must.

On the back I used 2 blue love heart buttons.

Once I finished the dress I was pleased with the overall result 
but I thought it looked a bit old fashioned, like something out of the 80's.
I changed my mind when I put it on though.


I think it looks really cute on, and my daughter loves it too.

My little girl even had the chance to run in her first race today.
It makes me so happy to see her grow up.

The bigger kids had a great day too.


  1. You can't go wrong with gingham, Sherry!!! It's timeless. A beautiful dress.