Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mustard knit dress

Mustard knit dress
pattern: playdate dress by Oliver + S

I really wanted to try sewing this dress in a knit fabric. 
Before I began I did my best to research any dresses that had previously be made with knit, 
asking on online forums and google searches, but I was unable to find any. 
I was unsure if it would work out ok but I am actually happy with the result.


Isn't this fabric gorgeous.
It was a gift from my lovely sister in law. 
It is a Japanese double gauze called 'my little spring' for Kokka.

I used calico for the lining of the yoke because the double gauze was so lightweight. 

I was worried this dress looks more like a nightgown than a dress.
I think that when the dress is being worn it is more dress-like though.
What do you think?

The pockets were also make from calico.

One thing I was surprised with was the attaching of the yoke to the dress. I thought Oliver + S patterns were top class patterns but this pattern left the inside neck line raw and unfinished. It doesn't affect the dress but I was surprised by this.

If you have tried this pattern before, I would love your opinions about it.
Also any tips for getting a more even edge around the yoke would be appreciated :)

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  1. Shame about the finishing on the inside hey. I think it would be a better design with shorter sleeves and a tie around the waist - what do you think?